Urgent & Important tasks

The least appealing group is probably Urgent & Important tasks.

These tasks used to be in the Not Urgent & Important group but were not completed in time so now they are urgent. An example would be students who don't write their papers beforehand and when due date comes they rush to finish.

In an ideal world, if you complete tasks from Not Urgent & Important group, they don't become Urgent. But in the real world, this kind of task occurs sometimes. Car accidents, natural disasters, any unforeseen circumstances that we just cannot predict. Things that are out of our control.

It is best to complete these tasks first and foremost. Clear that list and then go to non-urgent important tasks.

To create an Urgent & Important task in improve My Life just drag there a plus button from the center of Eisenhower's Matrix.

Important: Not Urgent tasks are automatically labeled as Urgent in the app when a deadline occurs if this option is enabled. See the settings for more information.

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