Improve My Life. Get better!

Awesome app that definitely will make your life better

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Improve My Life. Get better!

Get in time!

Goal management in the GTD method, Eisenhower matrix and a philosphy of a life segments balance

Get in time!
Achive your goals!

Achive your goals!

A system of a goal-realizing motivation

Get advice from AI!

Artificial learning intelligence adapts to you and helps you achieve your goals and results

Get advice from AI!
Get better!

Get better!

Key tasks affecting the improvement of the related segment of life

Share the results!

A system of rewards that encourage achievement of goals. Ability to share achievements with friends

Share the results!

goals achieved


people improved life


awards received by users


We have implemented a number of features that allow you to get the best result when using the program

Write things down

Display tasks as a list with deep filtering

Be multifaceted

Binding of tasks to the categories of wheel of life

Do important without haste

Division of tasks into categories of urgency and importance Eisenhower matrix

Get advice from your assistant

A system of motivation to achieve the goals

Collect rewards

Achievement system based on your behavior

Focus on the key element

Key tasks that lead to the improvement of the related sphere


The program is provided free of charge. No built-in ad units. Additional functionality, such as: + recurring tasks, web version of the service and advanced tips from the assistant offered by subscription. At the same time, a one-year subscription of the service offers 2 months free of charge



  • Basic functionality
  • Lifetime free



  • Recurring tasks
  • Web app
  • Advanced AI Assistant



  • Full functionality
  • 2 months free of charge

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, in iML there is no advertising, no pop-UPS, ad blocks, messages, valves, blocking elements, and requiring to continue to look at advertising information
The improve My Life program is distributed free of charge without the use of built-in advertising. Subscription allows you to unlock the functionality of repetitive tasks, advanced tips from AI assistant and access to the web version of the service. Subscription allows us to expand the functionality of the program and support it
One Cup of Americano! And if we compare with other task managers, then against 125 ₽ / month iML we see 182.5 ₽/month Todoist, or 157.5 ₽/month MLO. This is when you pay for the year immediately. At the same time, these programs do not have monthly tariffs. IML have the same monthly payment costs only 150 ₽
Annual subscription is beneficial for 2 free months in addition to advanced functionality
Yes, for example, one of the "killer" - features is the presence of artificial intelligence, giving advice to improve a particular segment of your life and achieve quality results
All user information is stored in VDS secure cloud. The connection is made over a secure Protocol. Data availability is 99.9% of the time. You can be sure that your information will be available only to you
Our team considers iOS and Android as priority platforms in development. You can use the service from other platforms in the web version through a browser with a connected subscription

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