Not Urgent & Not Important tasks

Not Urgent & Not Important tasks is the most tempting and deceiving category.

Why are they tempting and deceiving? The tasks in this group are often called «time eaters». Things like watching a series, video games, internet surfing and so on don't really get you closer to reaching goals, but they are so easy to complete, unlike tasks from the Urgent & Important category. They take time and effort.

When you complete a task like «Finish Red Dead Redemption» or «Watch The Office», you feel productive, I mean, you did just complete a task! But nothing actually changes in your life, no real progress or development.

We often refer to these tasks when we are tired. You know, you just want some time off, get distracted from the day's hassle, watch some TV. But it is not proper resting either. To really relax people need a change of scene, an unusual activity. This is a task for the Not Urgent & Important category.

It's important to consciously work on tracking and preventing such tasks. What tasks are Not Urgent & Not Important for you? Can you willfully control and avoid them?

To create a task in the Not Urgent & Not Important category in improve My Life just drag the plus button to it from the center of the Eisenhower Matrix.

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