The Inbox is a convenient place to record thoughts and ideas for future tasks. Drafts of your tasks are stored in the Inbox.

If you get a new idea that you need to ‘put on paper’ urgently and there is no time and/or a clear understanding of its parameters — draft tasks and an inbox of ideas are the best solutions.

Tasks stored in the Inbox should be periodically sorted through, considered, and evaluated in terms of actual feasibility. As soon as you have an understanding of all the key characteristics of the task, feel free to open the draft and indicate all the missing values. After saving, the draft will become a full-fledged task, which will be used in iML. This task will be displayed in the task list and the Eisenhower Matrix.

Drafts are stored in the Idea Inbox for a limited time, after which they “burn out”, are erased. So, if you could not form your thought into a full-fledged task, then the idea is not good enough. But you are still able to set the “life” period of the drafts in the app’s settings.

Subscription users can select the infinite task lifetime in the Inbox. In fact, this is somewhat relaxing and the inbox can be filled with trash of rotten thoughts that will never become tasks. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully select this option.

Improve My Life reminds you of the draft tasks’ existence and the need to parse them. The frequency and time of the reminder is also set in the app’s settings.

Note. Reminder time for parsing the Inbox cannot be longer than the lifetime of the drafts in this Inbox.

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