Сonvenience and efficiency in iML

We optimized the iML interface to speed up the user experience. We use the minimum required number of buttons and interface elements for the tasks to rid you of unnecessary dialog windows and long searches through the interface.

Moving around the main screen

You can select the corresponding item in the main menu to switch between the three main screens – “Tasks”, “Eisenhower Matrix” and "Wheel of Life”.  A horizontal swipe through these windows is more convenient. 

Quick task filters

Clicking on the category names of the Eisenhower Matrix opens the Tasks List with a pre-installed filter.

For example, clicking on the title of the Not Urgent and Important quadrant opens the full list of these tasks in the Tasks window with the pre-installed Not Urgent and Important filter.

Clicking on the segment icon in the Wheel of Life window opens the Tasks window with a pre-installed filter.

For example, clicking on the icon of the Work segment opens the full list of tasks for this segment in the Tasks window with the pre-installed Work segment filter.

Quick task creation

In the Tasks clicking on the  button opens the task editing window.

The Eisenhower Matrix

Drag the   button to the selected quadrant of the Eisenhower Matrix to create a task with preinstalled urgency and importance. The selected quadrant is highlighted.

Wheel of Life

Drag the   button to a selected quadrant of the Wheel of Life to create a task in this segment. The selected quadrant is highlighted.


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