Why is it important to use key tasks?

“Key tasks” is a signature feature of improve My Life app. The fulfillment of a key task increases the value of the corresponding segment of the Wheel of Life. The level of influence is given on the scale from very low to high.

If you want to improve a certain segment, you should start by completing key tasks in it.

At the same time if you are satisfied with some area of your life and there are enough key tasks in it, then it may make sense to delegate some of these tasks and dedicate the free time to a category with a low rating.

As the information on your behavior and habits accumulates, the AI application of  “improve My Life” may start to give you recommendations on key tasks. We suggest you focus on sagging segments.

Let’s try to select the key tasks for improving the “Finance” sector.


    • Daily accounting of income/expenses and its analysis
      Correct. Daily accounting of your spending allows you to understand where you spend your money, track impulse purchases, etc.
    • Taking a loan from a bank
      Wrong. On the one hand, you get money for a short time, but you will have to return more money later. Choosing a credit and its consequences should be a conscious decision.
    • Borrowing money from friends
      Wrong. Although friends are not a bank, a momentary solution of your financial problems still may lead to problems in your relationship in the future. In addition, you will have to return the money in any case. There is a saying – if you want to lose a friend, give him a loan. Oddly enough it works in the opposite direction as well. If your goal is not to exchange finance for relationships with friends, it is not your choice.

Use in iML

In the task-editing window, choose the «Key task» option to make the task more important. After you select this parameter you will get to choose how much influence this task will have on the corresponding life segment.

The range of impact is quite wide, there are 5 degrees of influence: from very low to maximum influence.

You should choose the level of influence carefully.

For example, you are not satisfied with your weight ( “Health” category), so you should start to complete key tasks and set their reasonable degree of influence. For example, you should regularly go to the gym (the degree of influence — above average), drink enough water daily (medium degree of influence) and stop eating after 6 pm (high influence). When you start to perform these tasks, the value of the associated Health segment will start growing.

Pay attention to the choice of the key task. The task of weighing yourself is important, but it is not key. Completing it is desirable, but not necessarily for your goal as this task will not affect your weight.

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