The Wheel of Life

If we imagine all the colors of your life as parts of a circle (Family, Social, Health, etc), we see that a happy person is successful in all the sectors. We often hear that happiness is not always about having wealth. That's true. A happy person is complete. The aspects of their life are fulfilled and developed.
The philosophy of the wheel of life implies a balance between all the segments of life, without forgetting about this or that part. The person feels completely happy. The assessments of all aspects of life are high and approximately the same. The life circle is like a wheel. Only a wheel can roll forward.


  • Assessment of the Life Circle segments is shown on the screen
  • To add a task to any segment, simply drag the plus button from the center of the wheel of life to it.
  • To select the tasks list for a certain segment, click on its name.
  • To evaluate the current state of the life circle, select «TO RATE». In the opened window, you can evaluate the values of the Wheel of Life's segments.

If you see a lightbulb icon, it means you have an iML recommendation.

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